No Victim Left Behind: Domestic Abuse Bill

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On Monday MP’s voted on the Domestic Abuse Bill, with success for our campaign in some areas and work left to do in others.

We have secured tangible positive changes, with the Government conceding before the vote over the inclusion of children within the scope of the Bill. It's a real achievement for the law to recognise children as more than just witnessess of abuse in their household, but victims in their own right.

The Government have also agreed to review the presumption of parental contact when there has been domestic abuse, or where there is ongoing crimnal procedings relating to domestic abuse.

These changes are welcome, but there are still gaping holes in the protection the law provides. Most importantly the Government is still refusing to include migrant victims with no recouse to public funds, leaving some of the most vulnerable with the choice between remaining with their abuser and destitution.

The Domestic Abuse Bill will now be scrutinised by the House of Lords, where we will continue to campaign for the changes needed to ensure that when the Bill becomes law it truly protects ALL victims of domestic abuse.

If you want to support our campaign for a Domestic Abuse Bill that protects all victim you can sign up at